2017 OH&S Conference and Day of Mourning

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

As some of you may know the OHS Conference & Day of Mourning Ceremony will be held on April 27 & 28, 2017 in Edmonton at the Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel (10155-105 Street NW).

This year the topics will include:

● Pain and Prejudice in Women’s Work
● Preventing Violence in the Workplace
● Educating Young Workers Through Professional Theatre
● Best Practices for Fatigue Risk Management
● The Social Determinants of Health
● Measuring Your OHS Vulnerability
● Employer Initiatives to Improve Workplace Health and Safety

AUPE will sponsor 1 delegate per 500 members and that would mean that Local 054 could send up to 17 delegates this year.  It is our hope that the Local Chapter Executives could nominate at least 1 member from each of our Chapters with the criteria being an interest in Occupational Health and Safety and an interest in reporting back to the Chapters on what they learned.

There are no criteria needed to attend so all applications will be considered.

Chapter Executives and Council members, please see what you can do to speak to your Brothers and Sisters at your sites to see what level of interest is there. Again we would like to see at least 1 member from each Chapter to attend but all applications will be considered.

Members must send the completed application to the Local 054 Chair (Belinda Applin) no later than *February 6, 2017*.

Successful applications will then be submitted to the Conference Registrar by the Local (by February 21, 2017). Applications can be downloaded from the AUPE.org website under *Training* and then under *Conferences:
   (http://www.aupe.org/my-aupe/benefits/education/conferences/ ).

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

In Solidarity,
Kurt Sudholt
Local 054 Vice Chair