AUPE Local 54 Health Care Sector has approximately 8,600 members who represent all General Support Service (GSS) Employees. Members work in health care settings, as well as many large and small continuing care and community health centres across the Edmonton Area. We work as housekeepers, surgical processors, lab assistants, plumbers, electricians, maintenance, administrative/clerical, porters, service workers, pharmacy assistants and transcriptions to name a few of our 120 classifications. We are committed to the work we do and we are a valuable contribution to the Health Care Team.

With AUPE being Alberta’s largest union, there is no end to meetings and the ability for members to be involved. Both at the Local and Chapter level, such as Annual General Meetings, information pickets, education courses and social events that are organized throughout the year. AUPE Local 54 encourages all members to be involved, as this is your union and it is the collective action of the whole that makes the union strong. The opportunities are endless.

Union stewards are our most valued activist and first line of defense in your workplace. They are always prepared to provide information from the Collective Agreement and its interpretation. Stewards are knowledgeable and well trained to assist members in resolving problems and issues at their site with their employer. They are prepared to help you if you have been unfairly disciplined, or if you are denied rights you are entitled to under the Collective Agreement. Often times, if a problem cannot be resolved, members may contact stewards to file a grievance, when they feel as though their rights have been violated. Union stewards are elected volunteers who are dedicated to supporting their fellow union members as the need arises.

Union info is always available but it might take you a moment to search it out, such as the Union Bulletin Boards at your worksite, where union steward contact info can be found, as well as various union meetings and training sessions.

AUPE also provides a Members’ Benefits Fund which has been organized for members who are faced with financial emergency situations. Bursary Applications for educational assistance can be submitted through AUPE between May 1 and June 30. AUPE discounts are also available to members, featuring discounts on Accommodations and Dining, Automotive, Insurance, Health and Fitness, Services and Entertainment. All of these services can be found on the main AUPE site, at