Bargaining Update - November 23, 2017

Bargaining continues: Little movement from the employer

Your bargaining committee met with Alberta Health Services on Nov. 21 and 22 in Edmonton to continue bargaining your next collective agreement.

We signed off three current articles and three Letters of Understanding (LOUs), which means the language on those items remains as it’s currently stated in our collective agreement.

Signed off articles:

Article 25: Reporting pay
Article 29: Sick leave
Article 38: Transportation and subsistence

Signed off LOUs:

LOU 1: Severance for contracting out organizational change or technological change
LOU 15: Market supplement for maintenance, trades & power engineering positions
LOU 16: Northern incentive program

Alberta Health Services says we are a valued and equal part of Alberta’s health care team, yet that is not reflected at the bargaining table.

There has been no movement from the employer on important items like job security, no contracting out language, workload, discrimination and wages, which they have tabled at zero per cent for each year for two years.

The absence of movement from AHS continues to be frustrating and highlights the lack of value this employer puts on the important work we do to keep Alberta’s health care system running.

Future bargaining dates are scheduled for Dec. 13, 14 and 15 and we’re hopeful we will get some meaningful engagement from AHS.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of your committee with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

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