Bargaining Update - October 9, 2015

Your bargaining committee met at AUPE headquarters in Edmonton on Sept. 29 to review all outstanding bargaining priorities in preparation for interest arbitration. While dates for interest arbitration have been set, your committee is disappointed the nearest available dates are not until next year.

Dates for interest arbitration:

Six dates in February have been arranged for interest arbitration with the possibility of additional dates in the spring. These were the earliest datesAUPE was able to secure with AHS and it is likely an award will not be fully issued until late summer or early fall 2016.

Why is ANC going to mediation?

ANC followed the same process as GSS last fall when it was decided face-to-face bargaining had broken down.

GSS opened bargaining first, will ANC get a collective agreement before GSS?

Your union is concerned about the timeline of GSS bargaining. AUPEcontinues to look for signals that the new government will properly and realistically fund health care in our province.

AUPE anticipates the budget released Oct. 27 will signal one of two things:

Either relationship focused bargaining will be created or members will have to consider other means to bring attention to the poor labour relations climate created by AHS.

If health care is realistically funded so sensible mediation can be conducted with ANC, AUPE will demand the GSS be included in a new round of negotiations.

Bargaining in bad faith complaint:

The continuing lack of progress and lack of any noticeable improvements in our relationship with AHS has forced AUPE to again pursue your bargaining in bad faith complaint against AHS CEO Vickie Kaminski.

It appears the hearing dates for the complaint are tentatively set for mid-December. Your committee will likely attend.


A number of locals will hold chapter-by-chapter meetings to provide updates on bargaining over the next few months. These meetings will discuss and explore all options available, which may include legal job action.

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of your committee with your questions, comments or concerns.

We thank you for the patience and resolve you’ve shown so far throughout negotiations.

Your bargaining committee:

Your bargaining committee is committed to keeping you informed throughout the entire bargaining process. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of your committee with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

Local 054

Nancy Woods
Melanie Thompson