Bill 4: Know your Rights! Town Hall Meetings Scheduled

Bill 4: Know your bargaining rights. Learn how new labour laws may affect you

Alberta’s labour relations landscape is changing. The Alberta government passed a new labour relations law this spring that could impact your collective bargaining rights. Until now in Alberta, most public sector workers have been under a blanket ban preventing them from exercising their fundamental right to strike in the case of a bargaining dispute. Bill 4, An Act to Implement a Supreme Court Ruling Governing Essential Services, reverses that ban for most public sector workers. It also ensures that the most essential services in Alberta aren’t interrupted in the case of a strike. So what does this mean and how will it affect you?

AUPE will host a series of town hall meetings in the month of June so members have all the information they need to stay up to date with changes to Alberta’s labour laws and how those changes might impact collective bargaining.

Know your new bargaining rights: Join us at one of the town hall meetings in your community listed here.