Local 54 Bursary - Applications now available. Competition Closed

This bursary was set up at the May 2012 Local 54 Annual General Meeting to raise awareness of the Labour Movement. The Essay topic(s) are chosen annually by AUPE Local 54 Council. 

Essay Topic: There are two topics for 2019, please chose ONE (1) of the two (2) for your essay.

Submission of a 2,000-2,500 word essay (minimum-maximum) on the topic of:

  1. AUPE has a policy of non partisanship and activism, how do we make the governing party and the public aware that public service is the most cost-effective way to deliver services without seeming partisan?

  2. 100 years ago the Civil Service Association of Alberta was formed to fight for 40 hour work weeks, pensions, Health and Safety, fair wages and other issues that are still relevant today. Why, 100 years later, are AUPE members continually battling successive governments to make sure progress is not lost?


  • Applications will be accepted after May 25 and must be received at AUPE Local 54 by July 25, 2019.
  • Only Original applications, completed in full, will be accepted.
  • Incomplete, illegible applications will be disqualified.
  • Program of study – identify program, length of program.
  • Confirmation of acceptance with class schedule MUST be attached.
  • Must be attending full time or part–time studies as defined by Institution.