Subject: Thank you to AUPE Local 54

Subject: Thank you to AUPE Local 54 

Thank you to AUPE Local 54 for your generous donation to the Second Annual Warm Some Soles Party.

We host the party to gather friends  to Celebrate the Christmas season and receive donations of socks and items to help keep less fortunate folks warmer in the Alberta winter.

Your donation of over 80 toques, scarves  and mitts, over 100 pairs of socks and numerous other items such as underclothes raised the donation to over 800 items this year . Thank you so much.

With  your generosity I was able to take  a very large container of the donations, mainly socks toques and mitts, to Urban Manor, an inner city Shelter for men. The staff were overwhelmed at the amount and suitability of the donations from your Local. 

I also made up a selection of items and donated it to iHuman, a non-profit, arts based program that serves youth 12-24 who live on and off the street.

Another donation that is ongoing was to the Boyle McCauley foot clinic. This service provides foot care to anyone at no charge. Often we see folks who spend long periods every day walking in every kind of weather. The offer of new socks after foot care is one that is really appreciated. It can go along way to feeling of a bit of  comfort both physically and emotionally. 

We have donated to George Spady Centre, Hope Mission, Lurana Shelter as well with our total donations.  

We wanted to thank you for making a  difference in people's lives . You may not see it directly but it does make a real difference.

Many thank you's from those who received the gifts and from us as well. 

Thank you to Margaret Gregory for helping make it happen. 

Yours truly,
Brenda Laing 
Jennifer Knash